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Workers’ compensation benefits and doctors: Who chooses?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Most industries come with some level of risk, from construction, where heavy machinery, busy worksites and intensive labor pose dangers, to office work, where repetitive strain injuries are a less obvious peril. Workers’ compensation is a safeguard meant to protect both employers and employees in cases where injuries or illnesses occur in the workplace or while a worker performs work duties.

Delaware law requires employers to provide workers’ compensation insurance, with a few exceptions, such as independent contractors. Many individuals are under the misconception that they have to see their employer’s recommended doctor to receive benefits.

Workers may pick their physician

While certain states do require employees to see the healthcare provider picked by their boss, Delaware is not one of them. Workers may choose the doctor they see about their workplace injuries and sicknesses and still qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

Employers may force workers to see a certain physician

The misconception likely arises from the fact that, while employees have the right to choose their own doctors, employers have the right to make them see one of their approved doctors as well. So workers may see their doctor but may also have to see the recommended one. It may be prudent for employees to still see their own healthcare providers in addition to one from their employer’s recommendation list. Certain employers may pick doctors with the goal of forcing workers to return to work as soon as possible rather than ensuring the complete recovery of the said workers.

There is more than one option available to workers after a workplace accident. This applies both to legal and medical choices. Contact a workers’ compensation specialist if you have questions about your possible recourse.