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Common injuries in restaurants and how to prevent them

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Restaurants pose a wide variety of hazards to both front-of-house and kitchen workers. Accidents can result in various injuries which result in missed work, medical costs and lost productivity.

There are common hazards and injuries that occur. However, many of them are preventable.

Common risks and injuries in restaurants

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, cuts and lacerations are the most common types of injuries sustained by restaurant workers. Muscle strains and sprains are also common, as are burns. FSR Restaurant reports that slips and falls due to foods, liquids and grease also result in various injuries such as bruises, fractures and head injuries. About 33% of the injuries result in at least one day of missed work.

Injury prevention strategies

There can be a reduced incidence of injuries if employers and employees follow certain prevention strategies. Proper training can go a long way to prevent many accidents and injuries. To prevent cuts, there should be a requirement that workers wear cut-resistant gloves. Well-sharpened knives also reduce the chances of cuts.

For fall prevention, employees should wear non-slip shoes, and there should be non-slip flooring throughout the restaurant. Someone should wipe up any spills right away and use proper signage to warn of slippery floors.

Using proper lifting techniques, sharing a heavy load and storing heavy loads at chest or waist height can help reduce sprains and strains. Using automation for disposing of cooking oil, installing burn guards, using potholders and cleaning vent hoods helps prevent burns.

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