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5 injuries healthcare employees are most prone to

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2024 | Workers' Compensation |

Nurses and other healthcare professionals tirelessly dedicate themselves to healing others. However, this does not make them immune to dangers. If anything, being on their feet all day long caring for their patients can often mean exposure to a higher risk of injuries.

More at risk than many other industries

Hospitals are one of the most hazardous places to work. This is why healthcare workers need to know the potential dangers that they might face every day, including:

  1. Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs): Repetitive motions, frequent lifting and awkward postures contribute to MSDs, including back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and rotator cuff injuries.
  2. Needlestick injuries: Accidental needle pricks and cuts from sharp medical instruments can potentially transmit bloodborne pathogens like Hepatitis B and C, or HIV.
  3. Slips, trips and falls: Wet floors, cluttered walkways and uneven surfaces can cause bone fractures, sprains and contusions.
  4. Work-related stress: Long hours, demanding workloads and emotional challenges can contribute to work-related stress. Chronic stress can lead to physical health problems like headaches and digestive issues and mental health concerns.
  5. Workplace violence: Unfortunately, healthcare workers are at an increased risk of violence from patients, agitated family members or even disgruntled coworkers.

Of course, measures must be in place to reduce the risk of these injuries. But since they can happen even to the most careful workers, it is important to know that a legal option is available for injured workers.

When prevention did not work

You can file a workers’ compensation claim if you or your loved one gets injured while on the job. Under this government program, you can collect medical benefits, a percentage of your lost wages and even particular loss benefits for permanent disability. This can help you significantly as you recover.

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