Philadelphia + Delaware County Lawyer for Shoulder and Neck Injury at Work

If you suffered a job-related neck injury or shoulder injury in Delaware County, you could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. This applies regardless of whether the accident occurred at your workplace, or while you were working off-site. However, it’s important to have legal guidance if you are filing a workers’ compensation claim in Pennsylvania. Not only can the claims process be confusing and difficult to navigate, but additionally, many claims are unfairly denied and must be appealed in order for benefits to be awarded.

The Delaware County work injury lawyers of Schmidt, Kirifides & Rassias have decades of experience helping injured employees fight for fair compensation. We are ready to put our knowledge and skill to work on your claim for benefits. Whether you need help filing a claim, appealing a claim that has been denied, or have questions about your legal rights as a disabled worker in Pennsylvania, our law firm for injured workers is here to assist.

Schmidt, Kirifides & Rassias handles shoulder and neck injury claims in Chester, Drexel Hill, Ardmore, Yeadon, Broomall, Darby, Lansdowne, Woodlyn, Collingdale, Folsom, Brookhaven, Glenolden, Ridley Park, Clifton Heights, Folcroft, and many other communities throughout the Delaware County area of Pennsylvania. For a free consultation about how we can help with your work-related neck or shoulder injury claim, contact our law offices at (484) 679-5239 today.

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Who Qualifies for Workers’ Comp Benefits in Pennsylvania?

Every year, thousands of workers across Pennsylvania suffer from shoulder injuries and neck injuries that are caused or aggravated by workplace accidents. Not only are these injuries physically painful, they can also cause prolonged impairment and disability, resulting in lost earnings, diminished earning capacity, and expensive bills for medical treatment. Workers’ compensation, or “workers’ comp,” can alleviate the financial strain of a job-related injury by providing benefits to help offset your medical costs, lost wages, and other consequences of a work accident.

Most of the people who work for private companies or local government agencies in Delaware County are covered by Pennsylvania workers’ compensation laws. That is because most types of employers – including unincorporated businesses and nonprofit corporations – are required to provide coverage. You may be eligible to receive benefits if you meet the following criteria:

  • You did not inflict your own injury intentionally.
  • You did not become injured because you were intoxicated.
  • Your injury did not result from illegal activities.
  • You are not a shipyard worker, harbor worker, longshoreman, agricultural worker, domestic worker, or federal government worker. However, even if you are, you may be able to claim benefits under other laws.

In order to receive benefits, it is critically important that you report the injury to your employer as soon as possible. Once you have reported your injury, your employer is responsible for reporting it to the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

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Workers’ Compensation for Aggravation of Preexisting Shoulder and Neck Injuries

Many employees are aware that they could potentially qualify for workers’ compensation if they get hurt at work. What fewer workers realize is that benefits may also be available, depending on the specific circumstances, when job duties cause the aggravation of a preexisting injury – for example, an old shoulder injury from a car accident that you were in years ago, or a sports injury you suffered in college. A preexisting condition does not necessarily exclude or disqualify you from workers’ compensation coverage, contrary to what your employer may try to tell you.

If your employer tells you that compensation is not available for the aggravation of preexisting injuries, or if your employer denies your claim, you should contact our law offices right away, because it is sometimes possible to reverse an initial denial. Your claim may have been denied improperly, and should be carefully scrutinized by an experienced neck or shoulder injury attorney in Delaware County, like those of Schmidt, Kirifides & Rassias. In the event that your claim was wrongfully denied, we can represent you at a workers’ compensation hearing to challenge the reasons the claim was rejected.

You should also contact our workplace accident attorneys if your employer tells you they do not have workers’ compensation insurance. As noted above, the majority of Delaware County’s employers are required by state law to provide coverage.

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Delaware County and Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers for Neck and Shoulder Injury Claims

If you hurt your neck or shoulder at work, or if a spouse or family member suffered a job-related injury, we encourage you to ask our shoulder injury lawyers or neck injury lawyers about your legal options. Regardless of whether the incident involves a completely new injury, or an old injury that was worsened by your work duties, our legal team may be able to help you get workers’ compensation benefits by filing a claim, disputing why your claim was denied, or disputing why your benefits were cut off.

Our attorneys proudly represent working men and women in a wide range of professions and industries, including construction workers, hospital workers, airport workers, municipal workers, factory and warehouse workers, restaurant and food service workers, office and administrative workers, retail workers, machine workers, distribution center workers, furniture movers, firefighters, caterers, and many others. As injury lawyers in Delaware County, we have extensive experience handling a broad array of work-related shoulder and neck injuries.  For a free consultation about how you might be affected by workers’ compensation laws in Pennsylvania, contact the law offices of Schmidt, Kirifides & Rassias at (484) 679-5239.


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