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In August 2015, Jimmy Fallon, host of “The Tonight Show,” was sporting a large bandage on his ring finger in recent episodes, after suffering what is known as a ring avulsion injury. Fallon described the injury, which occurred when he tripped and caught his wedding ring on the corner of a table. Doctors were able to repair his finger by replacing a crushed vein with one taken from his foot, but he will likely have permanent difficulty using that finger.

Fallon was extremely lucky that his injury was able to be repaired. A ring avulsion injury occurs when a ring gets caught on a piece of machinery or protruding object and is forcefully pulled away from the finger. The injury can be as mild as a contusion, but many are severe enough to require amputation.

Ring Avulsion Hand Injuries Occurring in the Workplace

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Ring avulsion can often result in degloving, in which the skin, muscle, tendons, and arteries are stripped from the finger. These are rough tears that make it very difficult to reconstruct the area, even with recent advances in microsurgery. If there is still sufficient circulation to the area, the bone and tissue may be repaired, and minor vessel compromise can be treated. Once the skin tears; however, the rest of the tissue is easily stripped away from the bone. Amputation is often the safest option for ring avulsion injury victims.

There are ways to minimize the risk of ring avulsion, especially in the workplace. It is possible to have rings pre-cut so that they break off before injuring the finger. The safest way to avoid injury is not to wear a ring in the first place, and hand surgeons recommend removing rings before doing construction work or heavy lifting, or engaging in sports. Rings should never be worn around machines with moving parts, and workers in industries such as construction and manufacturing should be especially careful to avoid work-related ring avulsion injuries.

Ring avulsion injuries account for five percent of upper limb injuries in the United States. Each year, there are 150,000 incidents of degloving or amputation due to ring avulsion. Workers who suffer from ring avulsion injuries often experience temporary or permanent loss of function in their ring finger. Depending on the severity of the injury and the circumstances in which the injury occurred, a worker may be eligible for different types of Workers’ Compensation benefits.

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