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Many regard nursing as a universally noble and selfless career choice, but studies show these important caregivers are increasingly in need of medical care themselves. According to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), healthcare personnel are disproportionately impacted by workplace violence as compared to other jobs in other industries.

Statistics on Nursing and Violent Workplace Injuries

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Nursing and residential care workers are injured at a rate of 35.2 for every 10,000 workers, while the American workforce as a whole has an injury rate of just 2.8, the GAO reports. Within the medical industry itself, nurses are the most vulnerable. The Bureau of Justice Statistics’ National Crime Victimization Survey posits that nurses are assaulted twice as often as other medical fieldworkers.

The startling statistics are reinforced by the AFL-CIO, which maintains that workplace violence has increased more than 100 percent in healthcare settings including private hospitals and psychiatric facilities. Aggressors in such situations are often patients struggling with drug addiction and mental illness, and their victims are often female according to the AFL-CIO. In other cases, family members of patients may lash out at medical personnel during times of stress. Several states – including New Jersey, New York and Virginia – have passed legislation which imposes increased penalties on those who assault nurses, but Pennsylvania is not currently among them.

Philadelphia and Delaware County Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Handling Violence in the Workplace Claims

When a nurse is assaulted and injured on the job, continued work may be impossible, especially in light of the intensely physical demands of the nursing profession. Fortunately, nearly any injury sustained in the workplace – even an injury caused by violence – can form the basis of a successful workers’ compensation claim. Nurses need time to heal from the emotional and physical trauma they suffer during an assault. Workers’ compensation benefits can help provide that time in the form of partial pay until a nurse is declared medically capable of returning to work. Call our Pennsylvania workers’ comp lawyers at (484) 679-5239 or go online to schedule your free consultation today.


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