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Injured Factory Workers can Receive Workers’ Comp

Mark R. Schmidt of Schmidt, Kirifides & Rassias, settled the claim of a 35-year old factory worker from Brookhaven, Delaware County, Pennsylvania for $200,000.00.

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The employee was injured in a propane tank explosion in 2011, suffering burns, respiratory difficulties and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  The Insurance Company accepted responsibility for “some” of the injuries sustained in the accident, but attorney Schmidt was required to file a Petition to Review the description of injury, to ensure that all of the medical bills were paid by Workers’ Compensation.   The Insurance Company filed a Petition to Suspend (stop) payment of wage loss benefits, based on the opinions of a doctor hired by the insurance company, who felt claimant could return to “light duty” work.  The injured worker’s treating doctors did not believe claimant could perform the job offered.

The Insurance Company also requested claimant submit to an Impairment Rating Evaluation (IRE), which is designed to limit the duration of time an injured worker can receive compensation – even if they remain disabled.  Attorney Schmidt objected to the examination – as he is at the forefront of a fight challenging the validity of such examinations, seeking to bring the issue before the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

During the course of extensive litigation, Attorney Schmidt negotiated the above settlement, representing four (4) years of future benefits, in addition to the 2 1/2 years of benefits that claimant had already received.

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If you have been injured at work, you need the advice and skill of an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer.  The work injury team at Schmidt, Kirifides & Rassias are dedicated to representing injured workers and fighting for all of the benefits you deserve.  For a free consultation, call us at (484) 679-5239 or contact us online.


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