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Fatal Crane Workplace Accident Attorney

In a recent fatal crane accident in North Jersey, a crane operator became trapped in the machinery’s cab when it overturned into the Newark Bay.  The 50 year-old male worker tragically drowned while inside the excavating crane which toppled over and almost immediately sank into the murky waters of the bay.  The fatal work accident occurred at a bird-sanctuary jobsite along the water in an isolated area north of the New Jersey Turnpike Extension Bridge. The enormous crane tipped forward, upended into the Newark Bay and capsized within seconds, trapping the crane operator inside of the machine’s cab.

Construction Site Workplace Injuries

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This fatal workplace accident highlights the importance of crane safety.  Crane operators, as well as other workers such as ironworkers and carpenters, face many inherent risks due to the nature of their work.  The attorneys at Schmidt, Kirifides & Rassias have seen firsthand the devastating effects a construction accident can have for a worker and their family.  For this reason, we offer the following important safety tips that can reduce the risk of incurring a serious or even fatal crane accident:

  • Training and education.
  • Crane safety plan for each job.
  • Identification of potential safety hazards such as danger from power lines, underground pipes or improper soil.
  • Maintenance and inspection of cranes to ensure the load is properly rigged before each lift.  Use the appropriate crane  for the job, i.e. the crane has the correct capacity required to manage the lift.
  • Designated, qualified person to supervise crane operations and identify  any potential hazards.
  • Qualified signal person trained in the proper signaling method (i.e., hand, radio, etc.) for each crane.

Reducing crane accidents requires the efforts of employers and employees working together to ensure all safety methods are utilized.  This is critical in preventing serious and fatal crane injuries.

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