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According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, over 600,000 individuals experience back problems related to their working conditions. One of the most common causes of back pain is disc herniation. When the discs between individual vertebrae in the spine are damaged (often referred to as “bulged,” “slipped” or “ruptured” discs), nerve irritation may occur.  In addition to severe muscle pain and muscle spasms, irritated nerves can cause weakness or numbness in the arms or legs.

Workers’ Comp Benefits for Herniated Disc Injuries

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Other complications that may accompany a herniated disc include sciatica pain and compression of the cauda equina.  Sciatica pain travels through the buttocks down the leg into the ankle or foot.  In the rare cases involving compression of the cauda equina (a nerve grouping located below the waist), serious permanent disability can result including paralysis, loss of bladder or bowel control and loss of sexual function. Herniated discs in the lumber spine may cause thigh pain.  If a herniated disc is located in the neck area, pain or numbness in the upper body (including the shoulders, arms and chest) is common.

Lifting heavy objects with your back muscles instead of your leg and thigh muscles, twisting and turning your back while lifting, or lifting smaller objects repeatedly throughout the work day can result in a herniated disc injury. Herniated discs often result as a cumulative effect of performing one’s job duties.  Unsafe working conditions or workplace negligence can result in falls or blows to the back which also may cause serious workplace back injuries including herniated discs.  You may be entitled to compensation for your herniated disc injury under these circumstances.

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