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While the mention of burn injuries may summon up images of firefighters heroically battling flames, burn injuries are relatively common in an array of industries. Unfortunately, burn injuries can be one of the most painful and limiting injuries a person can suffer. Depending on the severity of the burn, consequences can range from temporary pain and discomfort to permanent disfigurement, pain, and limitations. Severe burn injuries can take years to recover from. During your healing process, it is highly likely that you will be unable to work.

If you suffered a serious burn injury at work, there is a high likelihood that you can qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can provide compensation for your injury or injuries and make-up for lost wages. If you have questions about what benefits you can qualify for, what you can expect from the process or any other questions the lawyers of Schmidt, Kirifides & Rassias may be able to help. To schedule a free and confidential consultation, call (484) 679-5239 today.

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Employers Are Required to Provided Workers’ Compensation Coverage in Most Scenarios

Under Pennsylvania law, most employers are obligated to provide workers’ compensation insurance. However, there are certain employees who are excluded from the state insurance regime. Individuals, such as railroad workers, are covered under federal benefits regime and thus not eligible for state benefits. Furthermore, certain agricultural workers are exempt from coverage. While most workers’ are covered by the workers’ compensation system in Pennsylvania, the attorneys of Schmidt, Kirifides & Rassias can confirm your coverage status.

Types of Burn Injuries that Can Occur at Work

There are an array of burn injuries that can occur at work. These type of injuries can occur on any part of the body. The exact impact of the injuries is dependent on the injured body part, but all burn injuries can theoretically cause intense pain and limit one’s daily activities. Types of burn injuries that can occur on the job include:

  • Thermal burns – Thermal burns are burns caused by excessive heat. Thermal burns are common in an array of occupations including food service, auto repair, and any job where workers can come into contact with hot equipment or machinery.
  • Chemical burns – Chemical burns can occur when a hazardous chemical or blistering agent comes into momentary or prolonged contact with the skin. While injuries of this type occur most frequently in factories and plants where hazardous chemicals are handled, even common cleaning supplies can cause severe reactions in certain situations.
  • Electrical burns – Electrical burns can occur when a person is exposed to a live electrical current. As such, the injury is most commonly suffered by electricians, appliance repair people, and other people who work on electrical systems. Electrical burns can result in both acute and systemic injuries.

All burns are rated by severity. At the low end of the spectrum, a first-degree burn means that only the uppermost layer of skin has been damaged. In most cases, these types of injuries will heal with time and treatment. At the more severe end of the burn injury spectrum, a fourth-degree burn injury means that layers of skin below the dermis have been damaged. Damage in a fourth-degree burn will even extend to the nerves or muscle and may even begin to burn bones or other tissue. Fourth-degree burns are so severe that they can be fatal. The most severe burn injury is a Sixth-degree burn which means that the bone has been charred.

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What Should You Do After a Burn Injury?

Following a severe burn injury at work, it is, of course, most important that you immediately seek required medical attention. However, once the medical aspect of your situation is in progress, you should ensure that basic legal aspects are covered to protect your right to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. The first duty in that list is reporting your injury to your employer.

Reporting the injury promptly is best, but it can take the time to do so when the injury sustained was particularly severe. If you are unable to file a report with your employer or simply don’t know where to start, our workers’ compensation lawyers can enter into the process and help. While more time typically allows for greater flexibility in options, we can strategically pursue workers’ compensation matters in an array of situations and scenarios.

Work with Philadelphia and Delaware County, PA Burn Injury Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

If you have suffered a severe burn injury or another type of accident while at work in Pennsylvania, the workers’ compensation attorneys of Schmidt, Kirifides & Rassias may be able to provide representation. To schedule a free and confidential initial consultation at one of our Philadelphia, Media, or other Pennsylvania law offices please call (484) 679-5239 today or contact our firm online.


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