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Doctors, nurses, medical technicians, and other healthcare workers who work in a hospital face an array of unique challenges every day. Unfortunately, many of these challenges raise a possibility of a workplace injury that can make continued work difficult or impossible. Workers employed in industries with higher than average rates of injury may experience some anxiety over their increased likelihood of injury. While no individual wants to get hurt at work, anxiety over medical bills and lost wages is often unnecessary. Pennsylvania’s workers’ compensation system will provide benefits that cover many of these potential expenses and losses.

However, in some scenarios, a hospital or similar healthcare practice may challenge your claim for compensation for a workplace injury. If your claim is challenged by your employer or subject to a utilization review, it is important to work with attorneys who can aggressively and strategically fight to obtain or protect your benefits. At Schmidt, Kirifides &Rassias founding partner Schmidt is “certified as a specialist in the practice of workers’ compensation law by the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Section on Workers’ Compensation Law as authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.” Please schedule a free confidential consultation with a member of our legal team by calling (484) 679-5239.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits Are Available for Most Healthcare Workers in Pennsylvania

Under Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Act, nearly all employees in the state are provided with workers’ compensation coverage. Exceptions to this general rule of coverage include workers who receive work injury insurance or benefits through a federal workers’ compensation program. However, it is important to note that part-time or seasonal employment status will not prevent an injured hospital or healthcare worker from making a workers’ comp claim.  In fact, even non-profit organizations are typically required to carry coverage for employees.

What Types of Injuries to Healthcare Workers Are Covered?

Hospital workers face an array of injury risks. In addition to the typical risks that most workers are exposed to – risks including slip, trips, and falls – the healthcare industry presents certain unique risks. As a starting point doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel may be called upon to handle medical implements and devices and work with patients that are exposed to or carrying infectious diseases. Furthermore, medical personnel are also at risk of contracting blood-borne diseases through the handling of sharps and other potentially infectious materials.

Essentially, hospital workers and other medical workers in Pennsylvania are covered for most workplace injuries and occupational diseases provided that the injury is connected to the work or the furtherance of the employer’s goals. For instance, a worker who is intentionally injured by a violent patient or colleague is likely to be covered by the workers’ compensation program. Similarly, paramedics who may be injured transporting patients to the hospital are likely to be covered for their injuries even though the injury did not occur at the hospital or medical office itself.

What Workers’ Compensation Benefits Are Available to Injured Hospital Workers?

If you report your injury to your employer and qualify for Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits, you will be eligible for several benefits. However, the full extent of your particularized benefit award can only be determined after assessing your unique facts and circumstances. Nevertheless, the types of benefits a worker can receive under the program include:

  • Wage replacement – Workers are eligible to receive a significant portion of their average weekly wage. A lawyer can help you compute your potential wage replacement benefit.
  • Medical benefits – Under the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation system, injured workers’ medical costs are covered.
  • Specific loss benefits – If your injury causes the loss of a body part or the loss of the use of a body part, you are entitled to compensation. Workers can be compensated for the loss of a finger, arm, eye, and additional body parts.
  • Death benefits – If a loved one is killed on the job or while engaged in work or work-related duties, death benefits are available. Death benefits can provide stability during extremely trying times.

The exact benefits a worker is likely to qualify for can only be determined after a thorough individual consultation. Working with a lawyer is a good step to take to gain a better understanding of the benefits you can expect.

Injured Hospital Workers Can Rely on Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

The attorneys of Schmidt, Kirifides &Rassias are dedicated to assisting injured workers who experience difficulties in obtaining the workers’ compensation benefits they need. To schedule a free and confidential consultation to discuss your workplace injury, the potential benefits you may recover, and other aspects of the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation coverage please call (484) 679-5239.


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