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How to Get Workers Comp Benefits in Philadelphia + Delaware County

Tips for a Successful Worker’s Compensation Claim

When an employee is injured in the workplace, he or she is typically eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits to cover lost wages and medical expenses. Depending on the nature of the injury, Workers’ Compensation claims can be very expensive for insurance companies. These companies have a variety of tactics they may use to avoid paying an employee’s claim or decrease the amount of compensation. The Delaware County Workers’ Compensation lawyers at Schmidt, Kirifides & Rassias want all injured employees to get the compensation they deserve and encourage them to follow the below tips.

Report the Injury Immediately

A workplace injury should be reported as soon as it occurs, particularly if it may affect an employee’s ability to work. Workers’ Compensation laws often require injuries to be reported within 30 days, but insurance companies may have their own policies that could affect employee eligibility. Reporting the injury to a superior immediately ensures legal compliance and maximizes the chances of the claim being paid in full. Injured employees must provide all of the relevant details regarding how the injury occurred. Not all injuries are caused by a workplace accident; repetitivemovements can stress a particular area and lead to an injury over time.

Seek Medical Attention

After a workplace injury, it is important to get medical treatment. Go to an emergency room or walk-in clinic for severe injuries, or make an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible if the injury does not require immediate attention. Waiting to get medical treatment may indicate to the insurance company that the injury is minor and does not require compensation. All injuries should be thoroughly documented, including an accurate description of how the workplace injury occurred.

In order to receive their full Workers’ Compensation benefits, employees must follow all treatment plans as they have been prescribed. Employees must attend every scheduled medical appointment, not only to aid their recovery, but to ensure that they keep receiving the benefits to which they are entitled. Insurance companies may assume that if an employee misses an appointment, their injury is healed or was not that severe to begin with, which may result in termination of benefits.

Provide Consistent, Thorough Documentation

Injured employees may need to fill out an accident report detailing the circumstances around an injury. It is vital that these forms be filled out correctly in order for a claim to be processed and paid in full. If an employee is ill or cannot concentrate due to their injury, he or she should wait to fill out the report until they are fully capable of doing so. All reports and statements must describe the details of the accident consistently in order to be accepted by an insurance company. The accident report must be consistent with other reports. If anyone in the area witnessed the accident, their statements may also be needed to establish the circumstances surrounding the incident.

An insurance company may ask injured employees to take additional steps to legitimize their Workers’ Compensation claim. They are entitled to view medical records and bills relating to a workplace injury and may ask an employee to sign an authorization. They are not entitled to any other medical records, however, and employees should be careful not to sign an authorization for any records outside of the workplace injury before consulting with an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer. Insurance companies may also request a tape recorded statement describing the accident and injury, which should not be done without a lawyer.


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