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The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), in conjunction with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), have issued guidelines for staffing agencies and host employers to protect temporary workers from workplace accidents.  This set of recommended practices are designed to help the two different employers protect the health and safety of the temporary workers.

Are Temporary Employees Given the Same Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

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Before temporary workers are hired, the staffing agency and the host employer should do a joint review of the job site, the tasks to be performed and the hazards that will require training and protection for temporary workers to avoid work injuries.  It is recommended that the two agencies work together to review each other’s safety standards to be sure they meet or exceed their own standards.  Additionally, the host site should review the training records of the temporary employee to see if any additional training is needed.

Staffing agencies should be trained to recognize safety and health hazards.  Learning the basic principles of safety will put the staffing agency in a better position to recognize hazards at the host job site. Safety procedures should be defined in the scope of the temporary worker’s contract.  Variations in workplace conditions should be laid out and worker duties clearly defined prior to starting.  This will discourage the host employer from asking workers to perform tasks that they are not trained or qualified to perform.

OSHA requires that temporary workers receive equivalent training to that of permanent employees.  The training must be site and task specific and must be in a language and vocabulary the temporary employee can understand. When a new project begins, new workers are brought into an existing project or when new hazards are introduced into a project, the company’s safety and injury prevention program must be communicated to the temporary worker.

If a work accident involving a temporary worker occurs, any resulting injury must be recorded by both the staffing agency and the host employer to ensure both can complete internal investigations and tracking.  This being said, only one of the employers should report the injury or illness to OSHA; in most cases, this is will be the host employer.

The last recommended practice is directed at the staffing agency.  OSHA and NIOSH have established methods for agencies to stay in touch with temporary workers while they are working at the host site.  This open line of communication will the give the worker a way to report hazards and safety concerns to the staffing agency should a workplace accident occur.

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