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Get The Medical Care You Need After A Work Injury

Sorting through complex rules and exceptions in order to secure workers’ compensation benefits is the last thing you need to worry about when you have suffered an injury at work. For example, many are told that when they are injured on the job, they have 90 days to treat their injuries with the company doctor. In Pennsylvania, this is only true if the employer has provided a choice of at least six doctors, and if you have signed documents regarding the “acknowledgement of rights and duties.”

The attorneys at Schmidt, Kirifides & Rassias, urge you to secure legal advice before signing any documents following a workplace accident or injury. Remember, at the point, you are being asked to sign papers about the accident, you and your employer are not necessarily still on the same team. Some documents you sign might jeopardize or even eliminate your rights under the workers’ compensation law.

How Do I Get Workers’ Compensation Medical Benefits In Pennsylvania?

Generally, when you are injured on the job, you can go to your doctor of choice for treatment. The state legislature lays out a fee schedule your employer must adhere to for payments for these treatments. In the event your employer or its insurance company disputes your medical care, arguing that the treatment “was not reasonable, necessary or related to the work injury,” then your employer may file a formal objection to this treatment. This is true no matter where you live in Pennsylvania.

If your injury was caused by an incident or accident at work, your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier cannot simply refuse to pay. The insurance company must file a petition for a hearing before a workers’ compensation judge or a request for utilization review. A decision from the court or utilization review could have a serious impact on your right to past, present and future medical treatment. You need the advice and representation of a Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorney with the knowledge and skill necessary to ensure the decision is issued in your favor. Once your claim is accepted, your Pennsylvania employer must cover all related medical expenses, including your hospital stays, any surgeries or procedures, home nursing care, or modifications to your home necessary to keep you mobile and self-sufficient. You will not have to pay co-pays or deductibles.

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