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3 common workers’ compensation mistakes to avoid

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

A workplace accident can make it hard to go back to your job and lead to injuries that impact all parts of your life. Workers’ compensation benefits can ease some of this burden and help you recover. 

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry, the workers’ compensation system will cover the cost of your medical expenses if you get hurt at work and provide wage-loss benefits until you can return to your job. Avoiding these common mistakes can prevent delays receiving these benefits and a denial of your claim. 

1. Failing to notify your employer

As soon as possible after the workplace accident, tell your employer about it. Failure to notify your employer right away can delay benefits processing and make it more difficult to prove your claim. 

2. Providing incomplete information

Misrepresentation of your injury or the accident can have serious consequences. Always be forthcoming about your injury and quickly provide any supporting documentation needed to process your claim and benefits. 

3. Denying needed medical treatment

Failure to continue therapy or keep seeing certain specialists after you sustain a workplace injury can slow your recovery. It can also make it harder for those overseeing your claim to make a determination about your workers’ compensation benefits. 

Figuring out the workers’ compensation system may feel daunting at first but avoiding these mistakes can simplify your claim. For a free, no obligation consultation to find out how we can help with your workers’ compensation claim, call us now or reach us online.