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Safety tips for working from home

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2022 | Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation |

People are working from home now more than ever. This exploding phenomenon has allowed companies to remain functional even during global crises.

Most employees welcome this trend and want it to continue. Like working in an office, though, there is still a chance of injury. Taking precautions reduces the odds of getting wounded in any location.

Remote work safety tips

Restrict children and pets from coming through your office by shutting the door or using a baby gate. This reduces the chances of tripping and falling over rambunctious children and pets. You will decrease distractions and get more done, as well.

Likewise, computer wires can pose a hazard. Keep them behind your desk, binding them with cable ties to keep them away from swinging feet. Use a surge protector to prevent electrical fires.

Mount printers in specialized cabinets so they are unlikely to fall. Consider storing documents in secure filing cabinets.

Stay mindful of repetitive stress injuries. Invest in an ergonomic keyboard to resist the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome. A correctly fitted office chair will similarly assist in this effort. An ergonomic chair will help mitigate the chance of developing a lower back injury.

Remote work injury compensation

Even after taking every reasonable precaution, you may still become hurt while on the job at home. When this happens, workers’ compensation laws still apply. To make a successful claim, you need proof that you have a work-related injury.

Piecing together an approval-worthy claim can be tricky. When filing for reimbursement, it is helpful to have legal assistance. Call a professional at 610-601-5399.