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Will I lose my job if I claim compensation for a home injury?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Faithful workers who become hurt on the job often wonder if filing a workers’ compensation claim will lead to termination. This age-old question takes a modern spin as remote work continues to become more prevalent.

Companies that provide remote work opportunities give newfound accessibility to people who might not dream of applying for certain roles otherwise, but this might make you feel more replaceable. You can put your fears to rest by learning your rights when filing workers’ compensation for a home injury you receive during your remote job.

Your remote work rights

When you file for workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania as a remote worker, you enjoy the same rights as any traditional employee. This means that your boss can not fire you in response to a workers’ compensation claim. Any attempt to do so would be an example of wrongful termination on the employer’s part.

Home injuries that qualify for workers’ compensation

Even if you know your rights as a work-from-home employee, you might still second-guess yourself as to whether or not your injury qualifies for workers’ compensation. Perhaps the most common home injuries that can affect remote workers in their home offices are those that arise from repetitive use of the hands or wrists, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Slip-and-fall incidents that occur around the house during work hours may also be valid for a claim.

Remote workers often face the same risks as employees who commute to the company office. As such, you are under similar legal protection in your work-from-home arrangement. If you feel that your rights are at risk, contact us online or call 610-601-5399 for a free consultation with your workers’ compensation specialist.