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3 types of lifting injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Many types of employment across many fields include lifting heavy objects and people, which can lead to painful injuries for the employees who suffer them. The National Safety Council notes that more than 250,000 workers experienced injuries related to lifting in 2020.

Some types of lifting injuries occur due to improper or limited safety equipment, and employees can protect themselves by remaining aware of these potential problems as they perform their duties.

Back strain

Many types of lifting injuries include injury to the back, including the muscles and tendons. Many of these problems come on slowly due to repeated lifting or can occur during a lifting job, where the pain could present as sudden and sharp.

Knee injuries

Lifting heavy objects or people, such as in the nursing or physical rehabilitation fields, could cause knee injuries that affect torn cartilage or tendons. Placing too much weight on one knee or a sudden shift in weight distribution can contribute to these problems. Victims may experience swelling around the knee, a sensation of heat or warmth in that area and joint pain.

Spinal injuries

While some lifting injuries involve muscles in the back, others may affect the spine directly. This includes problems such as disc injuries. Herniated discs can cause a variety of discomfort that appears at irregular intervals, and pinched spinal nerves may lead to occasional numbness in the extremities.

Bending improperly can also contribute to lifting injuries. If you need representation that resulted from improper or absent lifting safety guidelines at your workplace, call us today at 610-892-9300 to schedule your free consultation.