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What injuries are healthcare workers at risk for?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

Working in a healthcare facility may tax workers in many ways. The mental and physical toll it can take can leave a worker with injuries that need monitoring and attention.

Healthcare workers are at risk for painful injuries and lingering illness. Find out more about what risks present themselves to these first-line workers.

Repetitive stress

Some elements of healthcare require similar movements of the joints, such as the elbows, shoulders and knees. Repetitive or overuse can result in strains and conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow. If medical intervention does not happen quickly enough, these injuries may become chronic and require surgery.


Handling patients daily may require lifting, pushing and pulling. Even when adhering to a team lift strategy, healthcare workers may strain, sprain or pull back muscles. Back injuries are some of the most painful to endure in a profession that involves physical activity, such as healthcare.


With the shortage in staff, some healthcare employees are working around the clock to care for patients. Fatigue breaks down the mind and body in ways that can lead to other injuries. More mistakes happen when a worker is under the shroud of exhaustion, which can result in catastrophic consequences for workers and patients.


Exposure to viruses and diseases puts healthcare workers at great risk of catching and further transmitting these illnesses to others. Improper needle handling and disposal can lead to the transfer of communicable diseases.

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