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Are Undocumented Workers Entitled To Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers who do not possess proper documents of citizenship or the right to work in the United States are referred to as undocumented workers (or ‘illegal aliens’). These workers still have a right to workers compensation benefits if they get hurt at work. Reinforced Earth v. WCAB, (Astudillo), 810 A.2d 99 (Pa. 2002).

Generally, once an injured worker has improved to the point that they can work at some level, the employer must prove there is work available to them. However, injured workers without proper documents cannot ‘legally’ be hired, so the court has determined that it is not necessary for the employer to prove that there is work within their restrictions ‘available’ to them. Once the employer proves that such workers have improved to the point that they can work (in any capacity), their right to wage loss benefits will be ‘Suspended’. They may still be entitled to payment for medical treatment.

It is the employer’s burden to prove that an employee is an undocumented worker. The worker may assert their right (under the 5th Amendment of the United States Constitution) to refuse to testify that they are in the country ‘illegally’. The employer must produce some actual evidence to prove the worker does not have the proper documents to be employed in this country.  Kennett Square Specialties and PMA Mgmt. v. WCAB (Cruz), 31 A.3d 325 (Pa Cmwlth. 2011); Ortiz v. WCAB (Rodriguez General Contractors), 60 A.3d 209 (Pa Cmwlth. 2013) the

Therefore, in order to Suspend the worker’s benefits, the employer must present evidence to prove two facts:

  1. That the injured worker is able to work in “some” capacity and
  2. That the worker does not possess the necessary documents to be employed

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