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Which employers must offer workers’ compensation insurance?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

When workers suffer from injuries on the job, workers’ compensation ensures they receive the financial support they need until they are able to work again. However, this insurance coverage also benefits employers by reducing their liability risk.

As a result, most employers in Pennsylvania must carry this insurance. It also benefits workers to understand which employers must extend coverage to their staff, as this can help address any possible violations. Here are a few things to consider about this essential insurance protection.

Employers who must offer workers insurance

According to the law, workers’ compensation coverage is a requirement for any employer in the state that has at least one worker who might experience an injury or develop a disease related to their occupation. Coverage also extends to out-of-state workers, provided they work mostly in Pennsylvania or have an established employment contract within the state.

These obligations apply even if an employer has some excluded staff. For example, employers cannot forgo coverage unless their entire staff falls into one of the excluded categories listed below.

Employers who are exempt from coverage

Certain categories of workers do not require compensation coverage. This includes railroad staff, federal employees, and longshoremen. Independent contractors also have exclusions from workers’ compensation laws, as do any workers whose employment is “casual” and not within “the regular course of the business.”

Many other individuals can also be exempt from workers’ compensation laws, including sole proprietors, certain agricultural workers, and domestic staff. However, the laws are often complex, so you should address any concerns with your employer if you believe you are eligible for coverage.

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