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What is return-to-work?

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2023 | Workers' Compensation |

When you enter the workers’ compensation system, the ultimate goal is to get you back to work. The return-to-work approach is part of the process of providing you with all the support you need to rehabilitate and return to your job.

Return-to-work has the support of medical professionals and others involved in the process of helping you get back to your job after an injury.

Coordinating people

The main idea of return-to-work is to get everyone together on the same page. Your healthcare team, you, your employer and insurers will work together to determine what you need and how to provide you with the resource necessary. Throughout your rehabilitation, you will focus on doing things that would enable you to get back to work more quickly. The return to work becomes a major part of your care plan.

Goals of the process

The return-to-work approach hopes to help reduce time off work and money lost due to injuries. It also seeks to help improve work conditions while also protecting your rights. The approach strengthens healthcare professionals to provide the treatment needed without restriction and makes sure that you have the support you need to get better.

Return-to-work has proven to be a valid approach. It helps people get back to work faster and reduces the burden that on-the-job injuries have within the employment sector. However, the process only works well when everyone is on board. You also need to commit to returning to work as soon as possible and your employer needs to be willing to work with you to help make this goal happen. Find out how we can help with your case. Contact our workers’ compensation attorneys today.